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What is Agnihotra

Agnihotra is an ancient scientific technology in the Vedic life sciences. It is the science of healing and purification of the atmosphere & the self, through the medium of fire. ​

Agnihotra emanates oxygen into the atmosphere. One Agnihotra emanates the amount of oxygen needed for one person in his entire lifetime. This is proven by experts scientifically. The fierce and intense explosion of energies from the Agnihotra process is so powerful that it can pierce an iron wall with a width of 10 feet. There are many faiths and beliefs that can make a difference in human life but Agnihotra is advanced and intense. It can purify the human minds because it impacts the psycho-somatic being of the person performing Agnihotra.

At the time of sunset and sunrise, a fire is prepared in a copper pyramid with certain dimensions, using cow dung patties and Ghee. Then a couple of mantras are chanted and whole grains of rice smeared in ghee are offered into the fire. The phenomenal explosion of divine energies occurs immediately as the rice is offered with the mantra. This energy release happens because of the combination of the following elements.

Materials needed
Agnihotraset (1).jpg

Copper Pyramid: The shape and makeup of the copper Agnihotra pyramid is scientific and its dimensions are conducive of producing divine vibrations which are so powerful to radiate the energies produced during agnihotra all the way to stratosphere.


Cow dung Patties : Dried patties of Cow dung. Cows with a hump (Gir cows) are the only breed in the world to attract the sun's energies and process goodness into Pancha Gavya (5 items emanated from the cow). Cow’s milk contains great power of protection from atomic radiation. 


Ghee: Ghee is the clarified butter made from cows milk or with unsalted cow’s butter. 


Brown Rice : Whole grains of brown rice should be used for offering. The Rice should not be broken or cracked or applied with turmeric.


Sunrise & Sunset Precise time : Agnihotra is performed exactly at the transition time of sunrise/sunset every day. This one-and-a-half-minute transition time is the only period when there is a flood of life force energies emanating from the sun. The process of Agnihotra will leverage these energies for the benefit of all living things. If you miss the exact timing the healing effect of Agnihotra will not be felt.


Lamp : Light a Diya with a cotton wick and Ghee. Then hold the Gomay (dried cow dung pattie) and light the fire for Agnihotra. Ensure that the match sticks / wood / camphor / flowers / fragrant powders (Loban or Sambrani) / any other material is not placed in the Agnihotra Patra (pyramid) for Agnihotra. Using the ghee lamp purifies the atmosphere around. There are no pollutants forms emanated from the match stick or fire lighter. 

Agnihotra mantras:  The Mantras are separate for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.

Evening Agnihotra Mantra

Agnaye swaáhá,

(Offer 1st offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)
Agnaye idam na mama
Prajápataye swaáhá,

(Offer 2nd offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)
Prajápataye idam na mama​

Morning Agnihotra Mantra

Sooryaya swáahá,

(Offer 1st offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)

Sooryáya idam na mama
Prajápataye swáahá,

(Offer 2nd offering when saying ‘Swaaha’)
Prajápataye idam na mama​


Agnihotra Process : Smear a few cow dung chips (Gomai or Gowri) with ghee and arrange them in the Agnihotra pyramid.


Mix about a teaspoon full of rice with a small amount of ghee and keep them aside.

Start the healing fire in this copper pyramid using Gomai (cow dung) and ghee, the only suitable organic fuel for Agnihotra, a few minutes before sunrise/sunset time.


At the precise transitions of sunrise and sunset, an Agnihotri (practitioner) chants Agnihotra Mantra and offers the whole brown rice mixed with ghee, a representation of Self, (just enough that one can hold in the tip of five fingers) at the utterance of ‘Swaaha’ in the fire. 


This explosion reverberates in the entire universe immediately. 

There are only two offerings at Sunset or Sunrise each in the Agnihotra fire.

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Rules / Niyama
  • Perform Agnihotra with Love and Surrender

  • Take a shower before Agnihotra to neutralize the negative effects of body and mind

  • Wear Clean Clothes after the bath

  • Do not put any thing in the Agnihotra pyramid  other than Ghee/ Gomay and rice.

  • do not drop the  match sticks / wood / camphor / flowers / fragrant powders (Loban or Sambrani) / any other material is not placed in the Agnihotra Paatra (pyramid) for Agnihotra.

  • The Agnihotra Paatra (pyramid) should not be bent in the corners

  • The Agnihotra Paatra (pyramid) should never be washed, but only can be wiped with a clean soft cloth or paper napkin

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