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Agnihotra Globally

Agnihotra is performed on six continents across 70 countries and those include the USA,  India, South America, Chile, Peru, Brazil, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Japan, Afghanistan, the middle east, Australia, Canada, Britain, Russia, Malaysia, etc.


Agnihotra is performed at a large scale in several thousands of villages in Poland.

  • Chile a country in South America declared bylaws that everyone has to do Agnihotra to counter the effects of nuclear radiation in their country to rejuvenate the barren lands devastated by nuclear radiation after the nuclear meltdown.

  • There is a Nature Laboratory established in Poland to study the benefits of Agnihotra and the impact of Agnihotra on the environment and studies related to Vedic traditions.

  • Russian military studied Agnihotra in 1982 and declared its rare quality to heal the environment and nullify the nuclear radiation.

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