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  • What are the benefits of Agnihotra?
    The benefits are infinite. The Agnihotra benedictions are not only on a material level but envelope all the three levels that all creation exists and you are a part of that Total existence. I may speak for hours on end yet what good is it? The best thing is to experience it yourself. My personal experience is phenomenal. At least I may say I know what joy is, all my needs are fulfilled as also my desires. When speaking of joy happiness is a very crude word. If this may not be your wish or goal then perhaps Agnihotra may not be for you. There are thousands of Muslims, Christians, Jews that I have taught and are practicing Agnihotra for the last several years. This is a perfect science and can be empirically proven.
  • How important is it to do the Agnihotra exactly at the sunrise and sunset times or a few minutes delay is fine?
    In the Vedas a specific description and definition is given. There are about four or five different versions of Sunrise & Sunset that are prevalent in the modern world. We follow the definition as given in the Vedas. Hence we have a program and can find co-ordinates to any specific location and produce a SR & SS time table.
  • Can it be done in any room in any direction or should there be a specific direction we have to face while doing it?
    There are no such requirements nor restrictions. You may choose to do in any room or ouside in your back yard or your balcony. There are no restrictions. Observe the personal cleanliness as much as you can. That is 'Pavitrya' as you can.
  • Should we be using only brown rice or any rice would do..?
    Any rice is Ok. I personally avoid rice grains such as boiled or paraboiled rice. This is a staple item to some of our friends from S. India. Any dehusked rice grains as the nature has given us or the rice that we use for home cooking are Ok.
  • How important is it to do Agnihotra on time?
    There is a short band of time called 'Sandhi Kaal' when Agnihotra must be done. The nature too responds to this time. This modern science calls it as 'Circadian Rhythm'. By virtue of deep conformity with the nature people in olden days were adept in identifying this rhythm. They stayed on this despite any atomic clock. I too when travelling follow this. At the outset it is difficult to know this precise time without a mastery over one's breath. There is no latitude of several minutes for agnihotra. Then it is not agnihotra. This is the 'Sandhya' that was always done in the Vedic times as per the Vedas.
  • Can I use unsalted butter for making ghee or do I have to make butter at home and then prepare ghee?
    Making ghee from sweet unsalted butter is ok. Even cow's ghee that is available in the stores is ok as long as it is Cow's ghee and not the 'Shuddha Ghee as it is sold in India. Which may be made of Buffalo milk or butter there of.
  • Can I chant my mantra after Agnihotra?
    Can I also practice saying other mantras and make offering in the same agnihotra fire. For instance Ganapati homa would mean saying the ganesha bija mantra while making offerings to the agni. Is it possible to do this...? can this be done once the agnihotra mantra is completed? Yes, you may do all the yajnyas. Regarding the 'Beej Mantra' I hope you have received it from some preceptor. I know without agnihotra all the rest may be of little help. I will leave it to you to make your own decision.
  • How does Agnihotra create individual and universal wellbeing?
    The entire universe pulsates with a coordinated rhythm. This rhythm synchronizes the orbits of the moon, planets, earth and sun. The earth, nature and human body responds to this natural rhythm called the Circadian Rhythm. We human beings align and realign to this rhythm precisely at the sunset/sunrise transition point. This accord with the rhythm brings peace and wellbeing. A discord naturally produces stress, anxiety and an infinite cycle of strife & sufferings. Agnihotra is the only effective tool that we have, to produce this harmony between the mind, body, and the universe. Agnihotra is a material aid to a happy life. An intense energy is projected from the Agnihotra pyramid. This energy envelops the solar system, the stratosphere and beyond. Harmful radiation & pollutants are neutralized and transformed into nourishment on a subtle level.
  • General Benefits
    Agnihotra not only renews the brain cells, but purifies the whole psychosomatic man in a holistic way. Harmful radiations of all sorts are neutralized when one is in Agnihotra environment. Agnihotra realigns the nature and all pulmonary and circulatory systems and has a nourishing effect on the nature along with the nervous system. When plants are in Agnihotra environment extraordinary growth of the whole ecology along with flowers and fruits is of common happening. It is by virtue of 1) the pyramid 2) cow dung 3) ghee (clarified butter) 4) the offering 5) the mantra (just two) done precisely at the sunrise/sunset is Agnihotra. So much more could be said, yet best when experienced first hand and believe your own experience.
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