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Five Fold Path Mission

Five fold path is a powerful and ancient way of life that one should pursue as the ultimate goal of one's life. 

The Five principles are :       1. Yagnya - Fire Ritual - Agnihotra       2. Daan -Donation       3. Tapa - Meditation       4. Karma - Action       5. Swadhya - Self Study - Fivefold path is the secret to happy living.  - The way of life is an effort to purify oneself through the Five principles. - Agnihotra is the first step towards the practicing the Fivefold Path of Life. - Agnihotra is helping humanity to achieve love, peace and plenty by creating physical wellbeing free of day to day ailments. Humanity is operating under fear and anxiety, thereby producing psychosomatic problems. They are corrected at grass roots level bringing them to their natural state loving each other. Practicing Agnihotra helps humanity to mitigate natural calamities and helps reduce pollution. It Produces whole some food through Vedic agriculture that produce nourishing food free of toxins and pesticides and abundance of crop Agnihotra is the only recourse to individual and universal welfare. Every human being has a birthright to seek salvation and Agnihotra is the first step.       - Perform and believe your experience. Rejuvenation of Vedas September 27, 1944, was the day, when the gates to the, Path of Light' were reopened for the whole of the mankind after millenniums. As per the traditional Indian calendar, it was the tenth day of bright half of the lunar month, Ashvin and it was the 2000th year of Vikram Sanvat. In other words, it was the celebrated day of great festivity, Vijaya-Dashami. Vijaya means victory and Dashami means the tenth day of a month. With the reopening of the gates to the' Path of Light', on this day, New Era ushered in. The much-needed' Light' by the confused world, was now here. Guru means Master. Sadguru means Perfect-Master. And Param Sadguru means Supreme among the Perfect Masters. And then after centuries of confusion, a day dawned, when light was given on 27th of September 1944. Paramsadguru Shri Gajaananmaharaj of Akkalkot (Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra, India) took a solemn vow on that day- " I will rejuvenate the Vedas." The vow had a tremendous force of Tapa (Penance) behind it. The rejuvenation took place at the same moment, He took the solemn vow. When He takes a vow, it follows that it stands fulfilled. When He uttered the words, "I will rejuvenate the Vedas" It did not mean, that the Vedas would be rejuvenated after some time or at a suitable time. The solemn vow is itself the fulfillment. The message is contained in only five words. This in other words is called, ’ The Five Fold Path ‘. Each of the word denotes one principle of the eternal religion. In Sanskrit the Five Fold Path has been called as Pancha Sadhan Marga . Pancha is five. Sadhan means the tool and Marga is the way. Sadhan also means principle. ' Pancha Sadhan Marga' i. e. the three words taken together denote' the way of life', which one should pursue as the ultimate goal of one's life. The way of life is an effort to purify oneself through - 1. Daily Yajnya (o!f~ring oblations to fire) 2. Daan (sharing of valuable assets) 3. Tapa (Disciplining mind and body) 4. Karma (following law of right actions) and 5. Swadhyaya (study of the self). The message of the five-fold path has already reached number of countries or to say more realistically to almost all nations of the world. The speed is amazing, as there is divine force behind it. Paramsadguru has put it - "This is time of the' Age of Light' (~- Satyayug). " And thus it is the time of the revival of Satya-Dharma (eternal religion). Everything is happening as per the divine plan. " The Divine Force is working Even through the smallest of the particles. (This is the period when the wheel of the eternal religion is operating with full speed). It means the knowledge of the eternal religion is spread due to Divine will." The very moment Paramsadguru took -the vow to rejuvenate the Vedas, they were rejuvenated and the New Era ushered in. The New Era means the Age of Light dawned and now everyone has the right to follow the Vedas.

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