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  • Agnihotra is helping humanity to achieve love, peace, and plenty.

  • Agnihotra creates physical well-being free of day-to-day ailments.

  • Promotes love and peace: Humanity operates under fear and anxiety, producing psychosomatic problems. They are corrected at the grassroots level bringing them to their natural state and loving each other.

  • Helps humanity to mitigate natural calamities

  • Helps reduce air and nuclear pollution

  • Produces whole some food through Vedic agriculture that has nourishing food free of toxins and pesticides and abundance of crop

  • The Ancient Science of Healing and Purification for individual and universal welfare. Every human being has a birthright to seek salvation & 

  • Agnihotra is the first step. Perform and believe your experience...

Swamidham Jyothirling Sansthan


Swamidham Jyothirling Sanstha is a trust formed in succession of beloved Preceptor Ms Mohan Jadhav aka lovingly called Guruji by the trust members. It is formed with like minded people under the able guidance of beloved Mother Ms Suvarna hingmaire loving called as Bhagavatiji by the trust members.


Our goal is to promote Agnihotra and being awareness and additional research into Agnihotra’s healing applications, to address the current global health and environmental issues. The Objectives include :

  • Purifying the air we breathe

  • Reduce the malnutrition caused due to excessive use of chemicals in farming 

  • Increase the nutrient efficiency of foods and soils

  • Nullify the nuclear radiation pollution

  • Reduce diseases and other health crises.


Much of the world learned of Agnihotra when it was featured in “Secrets of the Soil” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. They documented that in the late 1980s, Yugoslavian scientists measured no trace of nuclear radiation where Agnihotra was performed,  in areas devastated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This was an anomaly that caught the attention of the international community of scientists.

Agnihotra received international attention in the late 90s, when engineers from the Peruvian government documented Agnihotra’s application to organic, sustainable farming. After a banana disease called Sigatoka Negra debilitated the nation's staple crop and compromised the nation's ability to feed its people, the government applied Agnihotra to their agricultural processes. After seven months of observation, government engineers documented

(1) the reversal and eradication of the degenerative plant disease and

(2) an increase in crop yield, quality, and weight.

We have discovered more research pertaining to Agnihotra’s healing applications that is not seemingly known to the general public. With this Organization and its activities, we would like to highlight the research performed with Agnihotra and reintroduce this science as a tool that can contribute to sustainability, ecological balance, reversal of seemingly irreversible pollutants (e.g., nuclear radiation), organic farming that produces more nutrient dense foods (Homa farming), and holistic self and community healing.


All Love.

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