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Shri Gangadhar Maharaj


Shri Gangadhar was born in 1868 and lost his father when only a child. He used to worship the Shiva Linga all the time. He started working as a peon under an English officer. He picked up speaking English well and his hand writing was very good. The officer appointed him as a clerk in his office, as he was very impressed by the behavior and hard work of the boy. Later, he joined Ralli Brothers.

In 1901, Balappa Maharaj visited Nagpur. He was very impressed by Gangadhar's spiritual yearning and devotion and felt that he was a fit person to succeed him. In 1910, just before taking Mahasamadhi, he asked Gangadhar to come to Akkalkot immediatly. After his arrival, Balappa Maharaj invested him with the insignia of the Muth and declared him successor.

After Balappa Maharaj's Samadhi Gangadhar Maharaj used to take only milk and fuits. He was Ajanabahu like Sri Swami Samarth. He was a renunciate and used to distribute alms and clothes liberally to the poor. He composed many Abhangas and used to recite them daily.

In 1937, his health started deterirating and he attained samadhi. Before his samadhi, he entrusted the responsibility of the Muth to Gajanan Maharaj.

After Balappa Maharaj, Gangadhar Maharaj kept up the high traditions of the Muth.

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