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Swamidham Jyothirling Charitable Trust is a trust formed to promote Agnihotra in the succession of beloved Preceptor, Late Shri Mohan Jadhav, lovingly referred to as Guruji. Under the able guidance of beloved Guru Maata Smt Suvarna Hingmire (Bhagavatiji), the trust is committed to working on various welfare activities for the well-being of humanity and the environment.

We aim to promote Agnihotra and bring awareness and additional research into Agnihotra’s healing applications, to address the current global health and environmental issues. Agnihotra is an ancient technology in the Vedic life sciences. Regular practice of ​Agnihotra induces a harmonizing resonance to heal the environment and self, through the element of fire. Agnihotra is helping humanity to achieve love, peace, and plenty. 

Agnihotra creates physical well-being free of day-to-day ailments. Humanity operates under fear and anxiety, producing psychosomatic problems. Regular practice of Agnihotra corrects this at the grassroots level bringing them to their natural state and loving each other. Helps humanity to mitigate natural calamities, and reduce air & nuclear pollution.

Application of Agnihotra produces wholesome food through Vedic farming to produce nourishing food free of toxins & pesticides and an abundance of crops.

Perform and believe your experience...


Agnihotra - Smallest and Complete Yagnya

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